Dear Nature


Dear Mother Earth,
Sorry for cutting down all your trees
You really missed them
Their branches draped with thick green leaves
Reached out to you as they fell
But you couldn’t do anything to ease the pain

Sorry for polluting your rivers and streams
You never saw them clean again
The waves reached out to you with slippery hands
Drenched in bitter tears
But nothing you did could help them

Sorry for killing your animals
You wished to hear their calls again
Your eyes brimmed with tears as you saw them struggle
Losing an everlasting battle
You turned away in shock and sadness

Sorry Nature
Being strong is difficult
And you collapse under immense pressure
When everything seems lost
I hope you might see a glimmer of hope

Sorry for causing pain and trouble
Please do not desert us
Because we need you
Without you we shall perish
Yet when we perish you recover and benefit