Flee The Sky – A Tanka


Shadows stain asphalt,
roads tainted with silhouettes,
light consumed by dark,
salt crystals masked by ebony,
till night, when Sun flees the sky.

Tankas are five-line poems originating from Japan, though in a short time, they have become popular in English poetry too. Like haiku, its shorter poetic counterpart, the tanka’s short structure means that precise word choice and painting a picture in the reader’s mind is at the forefront of writing in this style.


Flee the Day

Drooping over
the bridge of day,
falling into the
deep pool of night.

an arc looms large,
majestic, pronounced,
a frame woven with
the edge of a zip.

the water is dark
as if waiting to engulf me
into the smooth tranquillity
it breathes.

we flee
no going
the waves ripple
like the beats
of a slow metronome.
Just like we had begun,
we can feel only calm.
At the very bottom
we wait,
to be on the bridge
of tomorrow.