Green walks on black and white,
a sprout emerges from newspaper.
On the lonesome canvas
dried with the smell of
rotting bark,
a branch strokes the
sprout’s sides,
green veins shake,
roots tense marking their place.

From the canvas,
none can see any but ebony
streaked with a muted white,
The speck of green
barely visible,
protected from the prying eyes
of the paintbrush.

The palette wears only navy and charcoal,
contrasting the oak wood,
longing for warmth.

On the easel edges,
A million candle wicks point skyward,
kissing the dark horizon.
Light and warmth
scrape the surface of the art
four letters
ink themselves into scrabble letters.

A million sprouts
emerge from the gallery,
one for each of the million


via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

Mystical Bonds

Mystical Bonds


Blue is the piercing eyes staring right into yours, the windows of your soul
White is the blizzard outside, hurling daggers of icicles into the rock face
Grey is the stone cave, bringing refuge and protection
Orange is fire, flickering in the corner bringing warmth
Yellow is the flickering light, illuminating the cave
Red beads of crimson blood, being washed away by careful hands
Silver is the clean and silky fur, almost glowing

Although these things can be seen
Some things cannot
Like the bond between us and animals
An invisible link of companionship and trust
A mystical force bringing unity

– Inspired by Timid Rainbow 😉

Timid rainbow

Red is the soft blush on your face.
Orange is the small lamp that leads me through the darkness of the world.
Yellow is the warmth of the sunlight that shines through the window, softly waking us up.
Green is the forest that seems to gently comfort us when we are hurt deep inside.            Blue is the deep, deep ocean, that holds the mystery yet to be discovered.
Indigo is the dusk sky, and the small tinge of sadness at the corner of our hearts.        Purple is the colour of the delicate flowers that signal the subtle end of the spring.
The timid colours of the rainbow will always exist,
somewhere in the depth of our memories.

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