The golden sand falls,

onto the polished glassy floor.


Raindrops continue to pour,

down from your dim blue eyes.


Snow covers the floor around us,

Softly, Gently, almost Sweetly.


Wails fill our ears,

Piercingly, Painfully, almost Bitterly.


While red lilies continue to bloom  around you,

I am unable to stop them from growing.


The golden sand falls,

onto the frozen glassy floor.


Deep blue water drags me,

to the bottom of the big lake,

to the depth of the darkness,

filled with my sorrow.


Coldness of your hand penetrates deeply,

into my tormented heart.


I can see my reflection,

in your eyes that are now glazed over,

and the sand had finished piling.
The time had run out.


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Timid rainbow

Red is the soft blush on your face.
Orange is the small lamp that leads me through the darkness of the world.
Yellow is the warmth of the sunlight that shines through the window, softly waking us up.
Green is the forest that seems to gently comfort us when we are hurt deep inside.            Blue is the deep, deep ocean, that holds the mystery yet to be discovered.
Indigo is the dusk sky, and the small tinge of sadness at the corner of our hearts.        Purple is the colour of the delicate flowers that signal the subtle end of the spring.
The timid colours of the rainbow will always exist,
somewhere in the depth of our memories.

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Lavender Snow was her name. It was the name of the girl who wandered around the frozen town. When the people in the town talked, sarcasm and venom evidently dripped from every words that came out of their mouths. The girl was badly poisoned.

Frost Snow was his name. It was the name of the old dog who led a small blind girl to the right way. When the people in the town saw him, they kicked him with no hesitation. From then, the dog kept his distance away from his only friend, not because he was scared to get kicked again, but because he was scared that he would tear her fragile heart. Though, he was torn, inside and out.

‘The town is always frozen. Maybe, that was the reason that everyone in the town was frozen, too’. the girl had thought. She was alone, until a dog came to her while she crouched down on the cold stone floor to rest. She wondered if the dog actually had the white pelt liked she had always imagined it, but she named him Frost nonetheless. However, when he left, she was alone yet again. That’s when she heard a small shriek, coming from the street right beside where she was. She couldn’t see, but she just knew.

The kids in the town started laughing. Perhaps at me. They were waving a piece of bread at me, and I had to get it, for my one and only friend, Lavender. That’s when the biggest boy in the group came up, and started kicking my body. After what seemed like an eternity, the boy left, seemingly satisfied, but was that a tinge of horror I saw on his eyes? The other kids then ran away, crying. After what seemed like years, I managed to get up, and limped up to the piece of bread, discarded on the stone floor.

She madly searched for her one and only friend after hearing the shriek that was very similar to the sound that a human being would make. She knew that the shriek came from Frost, her one and only friend. She ran, and ran, but she couldn’t see a small white heap of fur that she tripped on, and Lavender fell onto the stone floor. It had hurt, and she couldn’t move her legs anymore due the impact of the fall. She had also hit her head on one of the stones that stuck out from the stone floor. Blood covered her eyes, and dripped onto the ground. Crimson tears streamed down her pale face. Her matted black hair was also covered in blood. But her ears, had detected a small whimper of pain.

I saw her come. I saw her run. That’s when I saw her tears. That’s when my heart broke into millions of pieces. She tripped over my useless body, and blood started spilling out of the deep gash on her head. That’s when my heart broke into billions of pieces.

Before the redness covered my eyes completely, my eyes somehow had focused on the white heap of fur for the first time, and for the last time. I must’ve been hallucinating. ‘After all, I can’t see anything..Not even my one and only friend, Frost.’ and that was my last thought, before I fell into a slumber I never woke up from.

I stared at the small girl’s face. I stared at the gash, and the blood that covered her pale face and her soft black hair. I looked into her unseeing eyes that used to be blue, before it was tainted with her scarlet tears. I saw her body, pitifully skinny, and her legs, twisted from the fall.  Bloody tears continued to stream down her cheeks, and soon after, she had stopped moving. Enormous sense of guilt and sorrow washed over me.

Now, the snow started falling onto the stone floor, onto this frozen town, onto this merciless world. Lavender and I were so close together, yet so far apart. I continued to stare, until darkness slowly crept in from the corners of my eyes. ‘Perhaps, we will meet again, Lavender..’.

I had thought that I would never wake up again, but I did, and when I did, I was lying in the middle of a field of flowers. I saw flowers stretching up to the horizon, seemingly infinite. They were purple, with such soothing, familiar scent. Confused, I stood up, unable to remember anything. I walked, and continued to do so, until I reached the edge of what I thought was a never-ending field. There was a cliff.

When I looked down, I saw a frozen town, and at the edge of the town, a big crowd had gathered. Women screamed, horrified. Men yelled, angered.

In the middle of the crowd lay a motionless young girl covered in blood, and an old white dog covered in dirt. This scene seemed somewhat familiar. Especially the old white dog. Though I couldn’t really remember why so. Then, I walked away from the cliff, to the beautiful field, turning my back to the frozen town. I left behind the frozen town, and walked away.

I continued to walk deeper into the arms of the welcoming purple flowers.


-Inspired by the nostalgic scent of the lavender flowers in my garden.



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The Hunting Season

The snow covers the sky and the ground,
everything is colourless except for the red dots.
The strong scent of the blood wafts through the woods,
and in the middle of the forest a bloody tower stands,
watching over the non-existent animals.

Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop,
A single hind leg pokes out from the lumpy tower.
Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop,
A single head with a proud crown that used to exist,
cries the tears of blood.

Grass and the trees change into priceless blood-red dresses,
but they are a mere imitation of the season before.
A lonesome wolf cries for her pack in the distance,
howling for something that would never return.

Blood and tears mix with the sounds,
of the humans’ excited cries.
It seems as if a small shard of the word ‘paradise’,
was also hunted down by these creatures,
who sit at the top of the food chain.