Dear Nature


Dear Mother Earth,
Sorry for cutting down all your trees
You really missed them
Their branches draped with thick green leaves
Reached out to you as they fell
But you couldn’t do anything to ease the pain

Sorry for polluting your rivers and streams
You never saw them clean again
The waves reached out to you with slippery hands
Drenched in bitter tears
But nothing you did could help them

Sorry for killing your animals
You wished to hear their calls again
Your eyes brimmed with tears as you saw them struggle
Losing an everlasting battle
You turned away in shock and sadness

Sorry Nature
Being strong is difficult
And you collapse under immense pressure
When everything seems lost
I hope you might see a glimmer of hope

Sorry for causing pain and trouble
Please do not desert us
Because we need you
Without you we shall perish
Yet when we perish you recover and benefit

Mystical Bonds

Mystical Bonds


Blue is the piercing eyes staring right into yours, the windows of your soul
White is the blizzard outside, hurling daggers of icicles into the rock face
Grey is the stone cave, bringing refuge and protection
Orange is fire, flickering in the corner bringing warmth
Yellow is the flickering light, illuminating the cave
Red beads of crimson blood, being washed away by careful hands
Silver is the clean and silky fur, almost glowing

Although these things can be seen
Some things cannot
Like the bond between us and animals
An invisible link of companionship and trust
A mystical force bringing unity

– Inspired by Timid Rainbow 😉



Looking for a purpose

Searching in the darkness

There is nothing I can do

Sitting on a dusty shelf

Peering through the window

Which is cracked

Like a spiderweb etched in glass

Stars shine brightly

Rays of moonlight

Stretch out

Like a silent sleepy cat

Lying on the broken

Creaky floorboards

Somebody grabs me suddenly

From behind

And flames erupt

As part of me

As I slowly melt away

But I am happy

It is not dark anymore

A flickering light

Can be seen

Like a playful puppy

Chasing away the sleepy cat

Spreading happiness and light

For a moment in time

But joy doesn’t last forever

And neither do I

But I know

I have been found

By my other half

We are not missing

As I become a puddle of wax

My last memories will not be missing

But found in the candlelight

My candlelight

Created by the flame and I

Not missing but found

In Your Mind


A frail child sits alone

In the shadows of a leafless oak tree

Unable to move on withered legs

Hiding from the bright rays of the afternoon sun

She puts her ideas and dreams in a book

Furrowing her brows as she scribbles

Each second she gets smaller

While the book grows in pages

Ink runs smoothly across the page

Never making a mistake

She grows smaller yet

Putting her life and soul into a book

Nobody knows that she is here

Until she completely disappears

Leaving her book open

To be picked up and read

By anyone in the world

She comes to life again

But only in their minds…