Redemption Song

A Compilation of Song Titles

It’s just a matter of time,
Broken wings
A memory,
Like a prayer.

Days of thunder
Walkin’ away,
Always and forever.

Ebony and ivory
Upside down
Lately, I feel fine
We can work it out

Shaky isles
Frail grasp on the big picture
Two doors down
Starting over again
Light of a clear blue morning.




The golden sand falls,

onto the polished glassy floor.


Raindrops continue to pour,

down from your dim blue eyes.


Snow covers the floor around us,

Softly, Gently, almost Sweetly.


Wails fill our ears,

Piercingly, Painfully, almost Bitterly.


While red lilies continue to bloom  around you,

I am unable to stop them from growing.


The golden sand falls,

onto the frozen glassy floor.


Deep blue water drags me,

to the bottom of the big lake,

to the depth of the darkness,

filled with my sorrow.


Coldness of your hand penetrates deeply,

into my tormented heart.


I can see my reflection,

in your eyes that are now glazed over,

and the sand had finished piling.
The time had run out.


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