Looking for a purpose

Searching in the darkness

There is nothing I can do

Sitting on a dusty shelf

Peering through the window

Which is cracked

Like a spiderweb etched in glass

Stars shine brightly

Rays of moonlight

Stretch out

Like a silent sleepy cat

Lying on the broken

Creaky floorboards

Somebody grabs me suddenly

From behind

And flames erupt

As part of me

As I slowly melt away

But I am happy

It is not dark anymore

A flickering light

Can be seen

Like a playful puppy

Chasing away the sleepy cat

Spreading happiness and light

For a moment in time

But joy doesn’t last forever

And neither do I

But I know

I have been found

By my other half

We are not missing

As I become a puddle of wax

My last memories will not be missing

But found in the candlelight

My candlelight

Created by the flame and I

Not missing but found


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