Missing – Heart of Education


Education is like an iceberg. What we see only scrapes the surface, only a fraction is palpable and recognised, the balance being a secure infrastructure beneath the water. Education is an iceberg floating in the centre of your sea, your life. It is the guiding point, a place of knowledge.

Without education, we would not have the amiability of everyday people, nor the leaders who confront global issues head first. No glorious inventions nor a properly functioning society. No language, no understanding. Education provides us with knowledge which we can use to create experiences and changes of genuine prominence.


If we are aspiring towards a future replete with inspiration and a true purpose, education can only wait for our calling. We need to embrace education globally, to teach children skills they can apply and appreciate. No child should have to live without the gift of education, a time where they can learn to communicate with others, build friendships and become eager learners. Education endows a child with the skills required of a respected citizen.

Within a small time frame in education, you learn not only the subjects within the curriculum but their applications in the real world. Students are gifted with an exceptional atmosphere, a group of people who were kind lifelong friends and teachers who makes education beautiful. Education is full of intrigue and practicality, listening and understood. It is where differences are embraced and a real sense of belonging is felt. Through education, we learn what a substantial impact a single person, group and a few of years can make on you.

However, education is not a standard journey for everyone. Some children grow to adults unable to understand the benefits of a simple education. Writing which develops to being able to have a voice and to being a leader. Mathematics which develops to being able to understand numbers, to making daily calculations or for use in a large number of jobs. A simple education can help a person in so many ways, but those without that opportunity are the people we must reach out to. A report by ‘The Guardian’ said 70 million children don’t get the opportunity of an education and the opportunity to ‘turn a child into an empowered adult’. These people need our help and our generosity.

Education Concept.

Helping youth to achieve an education is one massive step forward but how can we help those who have already missed out? If a person has committed crime or destruction, the remedy is education. Education has a heart made of no numbers nor words. It’s made of kindness. We need to provide people with that kindness, regardless of their age. We need to educate the whole world, to teach people to understand how important they are and how their actions affect all of us. To educate someone, you do not need a list of accomplishments saying you can, nor do you need a job, all you need is a heart. This is real education and it starts with you and me.



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